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My Photography Workshops and Tours allow me to share my experience and knowledge in photography with those interested in both learning more about photography and working in this exciting medium. The cutabovephoto.com range from basic through advanced photography, and cover all aspects of digital imaging including image visualization, working with the camera, metering and proper exposure, using Photoshop in the computer, and printing.  All workshops utilize lectures, discussions, field trips, and demonstrations assuring full understanding by the participants.  The Tours go to extremely photogenic places where we learn much of what is presented in the workshops and learn to apply it in real and exciting locations.  The focus of each workshop and tour is to immerse ourselves in photography, learn from each other, and have fun doing it.

The workshops are located in Corrales, New Mexico, a small village with a rural atmosphere, and are kept small where more attention can be devoted to the needs of each participant.  New Mexico is a marvelous and unique place to do photography.  Its history dates back to the earliest Indian settlements, through the coming of the Spanish in 1540.  There are landscapes, animals, ruins, old churches, Old Town Albuquerque, ranches both old and new, pueblos

With the advent of digital photography, he has added this medium to his talents, again returning color images into his portfolio.  Although the tools of the trade may change, photography is still photography.  His activities include the entire photographic process from capturing the image to generating the final print, and it is this knowledge of the overall process that he enjoys sharing with participants in his workshops and tours.

Elliot’s work includes landscapes, documentaries, portraits, and contemporary studies.  Subjects of primary interest are dramatic travel sites, the old west and historical sites, and equestrian activities.  His work has been in many juried art shows and one-man exhibitions with several awards for his photography.  In his commercial work, many color digital images have appeared on magazine covers and in magazine articles.

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