Preparing for Success

Your training begins after a successful interview, signing the Instructor agreement and purchasing your ddd food blog Your Starter Kit provides everything you need to conduct successful In-Home Cooking Classes using the curriculum. Your Starter Kit investment includes cooking class merchandise, class videotapes, online recipe guides, curriculum training and preparation guides, and all the necessary paperwork… Continue reading Preparing for Success

Lower extremity injuries

Patellofemoral Pain Plantar Fascitis Achilles Tendonitis Ankle Sprains Neuroma-inflammation of the nerve running between the metatarsals Blisters Stress fractures These are common overuse injuries that may result from lower extremity mechanical variations. Have your Rockland dental specialists refer you to a physical therapist or podiatrist to determine the proper diagnosis and treatment. Treatment may include… Continue reading Lower extremity injuries

Knowing Your Gym and Goals

Our current and prior clientele consists of a wide variety of people from all walks of life. Currently we are training people from ages 16 through 52, male and female, large and small. We train athletes looking to improve their game, small business owners, busy, hard-working mothers, expecting women, high-powered executives, and many others. Some… Continue reading Knowing Your Gym and Goals

Radioactive Waste and Nuclear Licensing

Our qualified Environmental Practice Group has expertise in licensing by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) for research reactors and radioactive waste disposal facilities. We have handled NRC and state administrative appeals, low-level radioactive waste disposal issues before the numerous Interstate Compact Boards and state agencies, and licensing actions. Representative Noteworthy Litigation and Transactions The following… Continue reading Radioactive Waste and Nuclear Licensing

About My Photography

My Photography Workshops and Tours allow me to share my experience and knowledge in photography with those interested in both learning more about photography and working in this exciting medium. The Workshops range from basic through advanced photography, and cover all aspects of digital imaging including image visualization, working with the camera, metering and proper… Continue reading About My Photography

Museum of Art Photography

In 1989, the name was changed again to the Springfield Museum of Art, to more accurately describe the manner in which the institution had been actually functioning North jersey wedding venues for many years.The success of these early efforts was affirmed in 1974, when the size of the original facility was doubled to accommodate growth… Continue reading Museum of Art Photography

The Caveman Diet

Among the most beneficial of all fad diets presently being used is the Caveman Diet.  This diet is excellent for fast weightloss and is based upon eating natural foods that were consumed by early man.  Foods consumed on the Caveman Diet include large portions of meats with lesser portions of fruits, vegetables, nuts and berries. … Continue reading The Caveman Diet