The Caveman Diet

Among the most beneficial of all fad diets presently being used is the Caveman Diet.  This diet is excellent for fast weightloss and is based upon eating natural foods that were consumed by early man.  Foods consumed on the Caveman Diet include large portions of meats with lesser portions of fruits, vegetables, nuts and berries.  This diet has received a great deal of flack yet still remains one of the best diets for fast weightloss.

Unlike most fad diets the Caveman Diet is capable of burning actual body fat tissue.  Typical fad diets cause weightloss to occur which is simply a loss of water and muscle tissue with little to no fat loss.  The Caveman Diet, the Fat Burning Diet, the Zone Diet and the Atkins Diet are the only effective diets for fat loss which is a loss of pure body fat tissue with little to no loss of water and muscle tissue.  Many dieters are not even aware of the fact that there is a difference between weightloss and fat loss.

Incorporating CrossFit in Ft. Lauderdale will be much safer than any fad diets. CrossFit engages your body in multiple ways while including fat burning exercises to optimize the weight loss process.

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